Welcome to Oak Park Fitness Trainer, where we believe that health is a bio-individual lifetime commitment based on the alignment of mind, body, and spirit wellness. We are all unique and so it’s your program that’s why we are not just personal trainers; we are certified functional and integrated health coaches. We partner with clients one-on-one to integrate health goals seamlessly with your lifestyle. Whether you’ve fallen off a routine, are tired of your existing one, or are struggling to start a new one, our goal is to meet you exactly where you are and partner with you on the next steps to your healthiest self.


At Oak Park Fitness Trainer , our gym is everywhere, and use the elements of nature and home, wth three key components  – movement, nutrition, and coaching – to give you the experience… what we proudly refer to as the trifecta method. 


Our movement plans are based on progressive strength training, helping you to build muscle and burn fat safely and efficiently. We also help you learn what rest works best for you body and mind. We work out with you live over Zoom, at a time that best fits your schedule and lifestyle, following a routine tailored to your fitness level. 


Our nutrition plans guide you to develop a mindful understanding of how to energize yourself. We work with you to not only develop a balanced dietary habit, but to also recognize that your mind and spirit need fuel too through things like meditation, healthy relationships, and a positive outlook on life. 


At Oak Park Fitness Trainer we believe getting your health and wellness back on track doesn’t have to be a lonely experience. That’s why we include coaching into our unique offering. Our supportive community is available to you 24/7 to keep you motivated, accountable, and inspired. Whether it’s a text sent directly to your phone or checking in with our community forum - you’ll always have someone rooting for you.


All of our services are delivered online via Zoom, making health and wellness accessible wherever you find yourself: at home, a lunch break at the office, in a hotel room, or on vacation. Anywhere you have an internet connection, Oak Park Fitness Trainer is there with you. 


Get registered today for a free consultation where we’ll learn more about your goals and lifestyle to personalize your plan. We are excited to partner with you on your journey to becoming your healthiest self! 

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Strength training programs that build progressive on each workout. We believe that resting is part of training. We teach you the optimal balance fro your LIFESTYLE.


We are what we eat, it's not true. We believe thahugs and our relationships are nutrients too. Our bodies do require optimal nutriton but we also need to know how to fuel properly for our LIFESTYLE. 


We have been where you are and we are passionate in showing the way. 

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We are here for you! 

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